12 Escape Room Wooden Brain Teaser Puzzle Gift Set
12 Escape Room Wooden Brain Teaser Puzzle Gift Set
12 Escape Room Wooden Brain Teaser Puzzle Gift Set
12 Escape Room Wooden Brain Teaser Puzzle Gift Set

12 Escape Room Wooden Brain Teaser Puzzle Gift Set

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Our 12 Escape Room Puzzle Gift Set comes in a stylish, wooden, handcrafted box with a cozy compartment for each puzzle. It’s the ideal gift for all ages and skill levels, from the budding young puzzler to an experienced strategist! We’ve selected 12 of our most popular mixed-level wooden puzzles for this diverse set, and the wide selection makes this the best value of any of our gift sets.

Don’t worry if you get too frustrated with one puzzle, just pick up an easier one - there are 11 others to choose from! With a puzzle for every taste and every brain, this gift set provides months of entertainment for new and experienced puzzlers to hone their skills. It’s the perfect way to keep children and adults aged 10 and up intellectually engaged and occupied after school, over summer vacation, or even on a long trip. This collection also makes a handsome and unique gift for adults, perfect for that family member, friend, or colleague who’s always hard to shop for. Puzzlers will be challenged by these geometric works of art, again and again, making this box set a great desk toy or coffee table game to explore together.

What's in the Box?

Soma Cube: The Soma Cube just may be the most famous packing problem ever devised! Danish mathematician Piet Hein invented the puzzle in 1933 to distract himself during a lecture on quantum mechanics. The mind-blowing Soma Cube consists of 7 non-identical pieces that must be packed into a 3x3x3 cube. All 7 pieces must be used, and unlike most puzzles (which usually have only one right answer), there are up to 240 ways to build the Soma Cube! During your quest to find all 240 solutions, you may stumble upon the 100 other shapes that can be built using these same 7 pieces. The sky’s the limit! 

Star Puzzle: This intriguing puzzle is made of six identical, wooden pieces that interlock to form a 3D star. Releasing the star is easy, but putting it back together will prove more difficult than you might think. The smooth feel of these precision-cut pieces make this puzzle a joy to play with and the high quality of the wood and craftsmanship ensure it will last for years to come. Once you’ve solved the Star Puzzle it makes a beautiful art piece to display on a bookshelf or coffee table for others to enjoy.

Burr Puzzle: This beautifully shaped Wooden Burr Puzzle seems to have no end or beginning, that’s how well the three pieces fit together! The puzzle offers a unique challenge. First, release the puzzle by following a sequence of several sliding moves to remove the first piece. Then, after the puzzle comes apart, can you piece it back together? Don’t be fooled, there may only be 3 pieces but the answer is very tricky! 

Falling Star Puzzle: The Falling Star Puzzle is made of nine interlocking wooden pieces. This moderately difficult puzzle will keep adults and children entertained for hours, but not long enough to give up! Each precision-cut piece must be placed just right to lock them together into a beautiful falling star. Use this puzzle as a wonderful desk toy - challenge friends and colleagues and display it on a bookshelf or on a coffee table.

3D Squares: This 12-piece puzzle has an abstract and beautifully symmetrical shape. The secret to success for this puzzle lies in finding the single key piece that needs to be removed first, releasing the puzzle. This key must also be the last to go in while rebuilding, locking the mechanism in place. The 3D Squares Cube makes an ideal desk toy for breaks at work, as well as an entertaining coffee table puzzle to challenge friends and family.

Ball in Jail: This perplexing Ball in Jail Puzzle consists of 12 identical wooden pieces and one tiny ball! The challenge is to release the ball from its wooden jail inside the structure. There is no single piece that locks the cage in place; you must be careful and thoughtful while taking this puzzle apart to free the ball. Afterward, the second task is putting it back together again - a bonus challenge!

Snake Cube: The Snake Cube Puzzle builds up spatial reasoning skills and patience as you twist the snake made up of 27 wooden cubes back into its original 3x3x3 cube. This puzzle is perfect for all ages with no loose pieces and it provides a wonderful educational experience that hones problem-solving skills. If you don't have it yet, what are you waiting for? 

Diamond Cube 1: This classic Japanese wooden puzzle was invented over a hundred years ago and has endured over the years! The diamond cube is made of 12 pieces that form a challenge both in releasing the puzzle and putting it back together. This puzzle contains precision-cut pieces that fit together to form a smooth and compact cube shape…. if you can find the solution! Hint: it uses an ingenious slide-and-lock mechanism. This puzzle will intrigue children and adults alike, and the high-quality construction ensures that you can delight your friends and family for years to come.

Diamond Cube 2: This classic wooden puzzle was invented in the early 19th century and has remained popular over the years. The diamond cube is made of 12 pieces that form a challenge both in releasing the puzzle and putting it back together. This puzzle contains precision-cut pieces that fit together to form a smooth and compact cube shape…. if you can find the solution! Hint: it uses an ingenious slide-and-lock mechanism. This puzzle is sure to intrigue children and adults alike, and the high-quality construction ensures that you can delight your friends and family for years to come.

Tavor: The remarkable interlocking Tavor Puzzle is made of 12 non-identical wooden pieces and one tiny ball! The 12 pieces fit together seamlessly to form a wooden cage that traps the ball inside. The puzzler must examine the structure and deduce which pieces are able to be moved, and in what order, before the cage comes loose. The end goal is to free the wooden ball that is trapped inside. Afterward, can you rebuild the cage in the same shape?

Notch Puzzle: This exquisitely designed Notch Puzzle is a wooden Burr puzzle that seems to have no way to break in; the pieces fit seamlessly together with no cracks or openings! This variant contains 13 non-identical pieces (that use 9 different shapes), which the puzzler must intersect to form the end shape. As an intermediate-level puzzle, the Notch is a great way to practice the endurance of the brain as you search for the proper placement of each piece, but without the pressure of some of our hardest puzzles. Keep it on your desk or kitchen table and fidget around with the Burr in your downtime!

3 Triangles: 3 Triangles is a fantastic and classic disentanglement puzzle. The player’s patience and brain power will be put to the ultimate test as they try to figure out how to separate the three wooden triangles completely from the string. At first glance, it seems impossible without a pair of scissors, but rest assured that no force is needed for separation. Like many beloved escape room puzzles, the 3 Triangles Puzzle will push you to think carefully about every twist and loop of the string. Tread carefully!


Organized by Difficulty Level:

Soma Cube: 7 pieces, Difficulty Level: 2/5

Star Puzzle: 6 pieces, Difficulty Level: 2.5/5

3 Triangles: 3 pieces, Difficulty Level: 3/5

Snake Cube: 27 cubes, Difficulty Level: 3/5

Burr Puzzle: 6 pieces, Difficulty Level: 3/5

Diamond Cube 1: 12 pieces, Difficulty Level: 3/5

Diamond Cube 2: 12 pieces, Difficulty Level: 3/5

Falling Star puzzle: 9 pieces, Difficulty Level: 3.5/5

Ball in Jail: 12 pieces + a ball, Difficulty Level: 3.5/5

3D Squares Cube: 12 pieces, Difficulty Level: 4/5

Tavor: 12 pieces, Difficulty Level: 4.5/5

Notch Puzzle: 13 pieces, Difficulty Level: 5/5

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