Mini Colettos

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    The Mini Colettos are the newest doll made by Llorens for Mushab Pty LTD Australia.

    The Llorens dolls brand was founded in 1995, in the Valencian town of Onil, by Miguel Llorens. Its origins go back to the year 1958 when the grandfather of the family -Antonio Juan Juan- began to manufacture dolls in an artisan way. Despite its relative youth, the doll factory has been in continuous development and growth, bringing illusion and happiness to many homes around the world.

    The fact that the company has managed to stay among the most famous doll brands in the world is due to the great dedication and experience that has been transmitted from generation to generation.

    Their products are completely made in Onil, taking care of the designs and always using high-quality materials. Dolls Llorens takes into account in the development of its products the development of children in their different stages of growth. The company has received several awards within the sector such as the "Design For All" or the prize for the export of the micropyle category -given by the program Impulsando Pymes-.
    Even today, the Llorens dolls and accessories factory continues to grow and innovate, adapting to new times and technologies, but without losing an iota of its identity. 

    The philosophy of the company is based on a commitment to childhood, education, and learning. With these fierce values, Llorens dolls brand stands as one of the most famous brands in the world, looking with some ambition to get a place on the shelves of all households in the world.

    While committed to childhood, education, and learning, Mushab Pty LTD is fully aware of the importance of play for emotional and intellectual development in children. One of the world's best doll makers, Llorens's final touch indeed brings joy and fun to our little ones. All dolls are made entirely in Onil, using premium quality materials and adding a small piece of our heart to each and every doll.