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    Maileg is a Danish design brand of children’s toys established in Denmark in 1999 by Dorthe & Erik Mailil. Global Headquarters is located in Herning, Denmark.

    Maileg North America Inc. was established in 2008 by Hanne & Lars Andersen and Dorthe & Erik Mailil. North American headquarters is located in Atlanta, GA.

    Maileg’s story making collection has a unique, authentic look and touch created by designer Dorthe Mailil.

    Our philosophy is a well-made, adorable toy that will last. Our toys are always limited release and will become collectibles. We believe children thrive with simpler toys rather than plastic. Fewer, better made toys open their minds to new stories and innovative ways to play which will serve them well thru life.

    Maileg toys are shared, cherished and played with by children of all ages, and handed down for generations.

    Maileg is pronounced like 'My Lie'. It's a hard one to guess right:)

    Import Shipping Update: Maileg's Environmental Commitment

    At Maileg, we deeply value environmental stewardship and take responsibility for our actions. We recognize the significance of reducing the demand for virgin polyester fibers to minimize our ecological impact. To support this reduction effort, we proudly utilize 100% recycled polyester in our products.

    In line with our commitment to responsible practices, we have made an important decision regarding our distribution. Moving forward, Maileg Inc will no longer market, sell, or distribute our products in Pennsylvania or Ohio. These states have regulations that mandate the use of all new materials in stuffed toys.