Under the Nile

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    Organic and sustainable baby clothing and toys , lovingly made and stuffed with 100% certified organic Egyptian Cotton. 

    By growing organic cotton, we seek to cultivate the farmers who make it happen. By teaching men and women who aren’t educated how to sew, we give them an opportunity of a better life.

    All of the cotton that we use at Under the Nile is not just Organic – it’s Biodynamic. A step up from traditional organic farming - it means that all of our cotton is ORGANIC in its purest form.

    We are the only baby company that stuff our toys with 100% organic Egyptian cotton. The typical baby company uses materials ranging from polyester stuffing to plastic pellets. And most companies use what’s called an air-fluffing machine to robotically stuff the toys. Not so at Under the Nile, where we stuff each toy by hand. Combining Egyptian cotton and the personal touch makes for a happier toy. Just ask them!

    Under the Nile Commitment to Education

    We strongly believe in education as a right for all individuals.

    I believe it is vital to any community to educate their children, as they will be the next generation moving the community forward. And from this belief, the first Sekem School was born.Built right on the farm where the Under the Nile factory is located, the school invites children from nearby villages of all social economic differences as well as family upbringings to attend primary and secondary school. The Sekem School is not just an ordinary and traditional Egyptian school. It implements Rudolf Steiner’s way of teaching by instilling in the students at an early age, an understanding and appreciation of their humanity and world citizenship before social, economic and racial differences. A beautiful way of teaching that I think should be implemented everywhere. Together, we would set out to create a positive change for both the planet and people’s lives.

    Whenever I’m working at our factory during the school year, I always attend the school events. I still find it unbelievable to see village children who never knew what a violin was before, stringing beautiful sounds on their instruments in a school recital. Their faces light up and their smiles gleam from ear to ear…it is a sight that I enjoy every time I watch these children.

    Our commitment to creating a place of learning for the entire community has been extremely gratifying. School children of completely different upbringings and backgrounds are growing up together and developing strong friendships into adulthood – learning life lessons that they can pass on to their children, advancing the community as a whole.

    This is education doing what it was meant to do - making the world a better place.