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    Non-Toxic Stuffed Animals & Plush Toys

    Natural plush toys are the best cuddly friends for naptime and tea parties. Our collection of non-toxic and organic stuffed animals are perfect for infant, babies, toddlers and big kids.

    Organic toys have many benefits for personal and environmental health. Unfortunately, many conventional toys are manufactured from toxic materials and chemicals that don’t belong in a baby’s mouth. By choosing organic toys for your little ones, you won’t have to wonder which dangerous manmade chemical is hiding beneath the surface. Ingesting toxins through toys that end up in little mouths is just one personal health problem. The chemicals in conventional toys can also cause or exacerbate a number of skin ailments, from dermatitis to eczema. Organic cotton is harvested by hand and then washed in hot water and gentle soap; there are no acidic residues or pesticides.

    Sustainable, Eco-friendly and good for our planet.