Slumberkins Inc.


    Slumberkins was born in our living rooms as a side-hustle experiment. We taught ourselves to sew and began selling our first Slumberkins at craft fairs and on Etsy. The initial response was overwhelming. Unable to keep up with demand, we decided to leave our roles in our schools and have been “all in” ever since.In 2017, we took our 18-month-old Slumberkins onto Shark Tank and introduced our creatures to a global audience. While the “Sharks” didn’t invest, we moved forward, expanded our team, and eventually opened up a headquarters in Vancouver, Washington.

    Since then, we have continued to expand our creature collection with interactive storylines and affirmations. We have also brought our work back into schools, with a cohesive curriculum that strengthens the home-school connection and supports all of the adults involved in students’ emotional growth.