Mushie products are thoughtfully designed to bring calm to parenthood. Founded in 2018 with a passion for beauty, safety, and function, Mushie creates essential products for little ones.

    We prioritize your family’s well-being with nontoxic materials like food-grade silicone and organic cotton, and we exclusively work with fair trade suppliers to produce high-quality products.

    We make things that last. You can use Mushie products with your children and then pass it down to someone else. With durability as a leading feature, our products push back against the consumerism of single-use and disposable goods ensuring a sustainable future and minimizing our environmental impact.

    We really listen when customers reach out, and we use the feedback to get better at what we do. With our customers in mind, we set out to challenge industry norms with modern childhood products that are within reach for most families

    Non-Toxic, BPA, PVC, and Phthalate-free Baby Products.