Luco Toys

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    Luco wooden toy bricks consist of four different bricks in the following shapes:
    A Plank, a Cross, Long H shape and a Short H shaped brick.
    The bricks can interlock. This way you can not only build statues, you can actually play with self made creatures or vehicles.

    With multiple bricks of each shape you can build anything. From small robots, animals, chairs, tables, airplanes and large dinosaurs.
    The bricks are hand made of 1 piece of wood and child safety tested.

    As parents and designers we prefer the natural wooden bricks and blocks. But our son suggested to make them colored as well. And we now know that all children are fond of our colored sets with plain wooden bricks and colored bricks.

    Child therapists for example use the natural colored sets for professional reasons.

    The bricks are suitable for children from the age of three years old.
    Children of three will make simple connections and children of twelve years old will be able to make complicated space ships.

    The blocks enhance motor skills, 3D thinking and the imagination of every child.


    Luco bricks are made of rubber wood. Rubber wood originates from rubber trees that are not producing rubber anymore, so this way the trees get a second life, very eco-friendly.
    The wooden blocks are produced out of one piece of wood to make the bricks stronger and sustainable. At this moment they are hand made.
    The paint is water based (ISO certified) non toxic and child friendly.

    The shapes, material, box, jute bag and the folder are all tested and passed the European child safety standards.