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    Fun Facts about Llamas

    Llamas are herbivores. They eat grasses, leaves, herbs, shrubs, and even some fruits. Their diet consists mainly of green plants. Llamas have a digestive system that works like ours. However, their stomachs are much larger than our own. A llama can consume up to 10 pounds of food per day!
    Llama milk contains more protein than cow's milk. It also has less fat and lactose. This makes it easier for babies to digest.
    Llamas live in herds or flocks of up to 200 animals. They sleep together during the night. During the day, they graze and play with each other. Llamas are social animals and will bond with others of their kind. If an adult llama dies, its herd mates will help raise the baby llamas.
    Llamas are very intelligent. They communicate with humans using body language and facial expressions. Llamas have been trained to pull carts, work as pack mules, police livestock, and guard property. Some people use them as pets.