Imani Collective

    Imani Collective is a socio-economic empowerment organization that employs over eighty Kenyan women + men in Mtepeni Village, Mombasa, Kenya, and half a dozen women stateside. We believe that together, we unleash a woman’s greatness through empowerment + opportunity + community. Dignified employment is crucial for economic development and poverty reduction worldwide. Over the past five years, Imani Collective’s innovative model to provide women, men, and their families with empowerment, skills training, community, and access to education has proven highly effective at improving artisan livelihoods. We also strive to be ethically responsible and environmentally friendly when sourcing our local, raw + organic materials. By sourcing from local markets + vendors, we are investing in the local economy, which is essential to the overall economic development in the area. We support the integrity of ethically sourced, artisan-made goods, and our heart is to create opportunities for men and women to make them.