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    All products from Hvid soft knitted goods are made of 100% merino wool. We’ve chosen this yarn for its sustainability, versatility, and softness. Likewise, it is known for its sustainable quality, which will last very long. As merino wool is biodegradable and can be broken down organically in the ecosystem, any long-term environmental pollution can be avoided. Next, we work with the best Italian spinning mills and have to comply with the most stringent European yarn coloring regulations. Our partners use 100% renewable energy. In addition, they use and manage water responsibly by optimizing water consumption and processes, purification, and management of discharges.

    Our factory - zero waste

    As for the knitting of our Hvid items, we’re cooperating with a small family business 1 hour from our home in the south of Belgium. After 8 years of close partnership, we’ve invested in our own knitting machinery, which they are operating.

    Thanks to their unique expertise (they are the only Belgian factory working this way), we can knit our items in 1 whole piece without any seams or waste of cut fabric.

    We highly believe in the slow-fashion model to avoid overproduction. Therefore, we’re creating seasonless items in timeless colors you can use throughout the year. No waste, no reductions.

    Small scale, family-owned, and with a lot of passion for all involved!