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    Rattan provides about 35% more oxygen and 40% more CO2 than trees. Rattan also regenerates 7x faster than trees, making it a sustainable, planet-friendly choice.


    Depending on the application it will be used for, rattan is processed in several different ways-- most involve boiling and/or drying the fibrous canes before working with them. Rattan does not require chemical processing.


    Rattan is durable and can stand up to life’s dents and dings. It’s also resistant to temperature fluctuations and pretty simple to care for. You can expect a high-quality rattan piece to last for years with minimal effort. And if it’s ever damaged, rattan can be repaired.


    Rattan weaving and furniture making is a slow process done mostly by hand. It takes years to learn and even longer to perfect. Some of our pieces are so technically challenging that expert artisans can only execute them. The hand-made nature of the craft means no two pieces are ever exactly alike-- each piece has unique characteristics that make it one-of-a-kind.