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    Ecopiggy brings you a line of soothing essentials for maintaining healthy happy kiddos. Our line features 100% natural pacifiers, teethers, Baltic Amber necklaces and more.

    The intention behind creating Ecopiggy was to create a conscious, sustainable business that truly gives more than it takes. We recognize that the choices we make affect the world we create. And nothing defines our world more than the relationships that we surround ourselves with.

    Since January 2008, we have focused on developing relationships and creating community, and it is through these relationships that we continue to evolve. Thank you for joining our mission!

    Ecopiggy’s natural rubber pacifier, Ecopacifier, is made of 100% pure rubber from the rubber tree, Hevea brasillensi, just like our Ecoteether. These trees are sustainably grown in plantations in Malaysia. The rubber tree exudes a latex sap, the world’s primary source of natural rubber, which is tapped in a similar manner to maple syrup from a maple tree. After about 20-25 years the tree stops producing latex sap. The trees are then harvested and replanted. The harvested wood is used extensively in furniture, flooring, construction and even toys. From seed to tree to ecopacifier to wooden toys, the Rubber tree has an eco-friendly, sustainable and high quality life.