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    Why Do Kids Love Dinosaurs?

    Kids love dinosaurs, and they don't even realize why. They just want to play with them. What makes kids love these prehistoric creatures?

    Children between the ages three and four tend to be intensely interested in imaginary things, especially fairies, monsters, and sometimes, dinosaurs. Because dinosaurs were extinct long ago, they live in a make-believe world where they don't exist anymore, so they're kind of like unicorns and fairy tales.

    There are several reasons why some kids have a dinosaur obsession: First, they look cool. Second, they are fascinating creatures that live in the past. Third, they are fun to play with. And finally, they are educational.

    Dinosaur is a great subject for children to learn about because it’s so old and interesting. It has been around since the beginning of time. The first dinosaurs were small reptiles called pterosaurs. They lived on land and had wings like birds do today. Then came the first dinosaurs who walked on two legs. These animals looked much more human-like than the other dinosaurs. There was also another group of dinosaurs called sauropods. These were huge animals that grew up to be over 100 feet long! Finally, there were the meat-eaters or carnivores. These dinosaurs ate plants and each other.

    Dinosaurs have always fascinated people and they are still very popular today. Some researches show that an obsession with dinosaurs feeds off a child’s need for curiosity and discovery, and this should always be encouraged. This is a form of science that a child’s mind can understand and process.

    Playing as a young child is also extremely beneficial to a child's development and should be encouraged by adults in their life, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics.

    Children who participate in playing see improvements in a variety of areas, including language, social development, and early math skills.