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    byASTRUP® is one of the 2 brands operated by the Danish company ASTRUP Group A/S, a passionate brand that puts its heart and soul into developing and designing unique wooden and fabric products.

    byASTRUP products are luxurious, stylish, and designed in beautiful, subtle Nordic colors. All byASTRUP products aim to help enhance the magical, playful universe of children. Their products encourage play and creativity and bring joy every single day.

    byASTRUP believes in creating beautiful memories of childhood. With the intent to create new adventures in which play takes on entirely new dimensions in a magical, adventurous world – a dream universe. When designing products, their keywords are love, dreams, magic, adventure, and nostalgia. Top quality and consideration for the environment are also priorities.

    MAMAMEMO® is one of the 2 toy brands operated by ASTRUP Group A/S. We are passionate about developmental, fun, colorful toys, the purpose of which is to delight and benefit all children. Danish-designed MAMAMEMO toys are high-quality toys for both girls and boys between the ages of 2 and 8. Most people know MAMAMEMO from our wooden toy kitchens and play food. Over the years, these products have been a huge success, but we also make wooden tools and workbenches for children. We design garden games, skipping ropes, insect boxes, flower presses, etc., for play and creative outdoor activities. For playing with dolls, we design many adorable doll clothes and accessories, doll carrycots, care bags, doll prams, doll buggies, and many more.
    When you choose a MAMAMEMO product, you are guaranteed a toy with a high level of play value. You can also be sure that we have not compromised on quality and safety.


    Our biggest wish is for no one to die of cancer in the future and for no families to go through what we did. By buying the by ASTRUP products with Marie’s butterfly, you are supporting a truly important cause.
    Every year, we donate Marie’s entire salary to the Children’s Cancer Foundation (Børnecancerfonden) to help make a difference and make our biggest wish - a world without cancer – become a reality someday.