Based in Germany, Banwood is a family-owned business with the goal of creating cycling products for children. The wonderful line FIRST GO Bicycles was created to support motor skills and to encourage the child using his own body to move forward. This bike peculiarity is the composition: adjustable handlebar, ergonomic seat, basket, 12" wheels, steel frame and no pedals. The purpose is to match the growth of your child, letting him develop his balance and his confidence to transition to a pedal bike without ever needing stabilizers.

    Bikes of many wonderful colors to satisfy all the tastes, ideal for letting the small ones ride at the park increasing their abilities and passing a fantastic day outdoor. 

    Banwood Bikes make the very best Balance Bikes, Pedal Bikes, Trikes and 3-wheel scooters for your little ones.


    Buy one. Plant one. It is a simple way to engage in the international reforestation effort while you shop, representing the individual’s contribution to the planet.

    If you choose to order a bike from our website, Banwood will donate to our non-profit partner, OneTreePlanted, on your behalf. The organization will then use its expertise to decide the best possible location for the tree you have just bought and make sure it grows.

    A large part of the world’s forests have already been destroyed, not to mention the fact that almost half of the world's species of plants and animals will be lost or seriously threatened due to rainforest deforestation.

    If we continue to destroy the Earth’s forests as we do, these species are expected to become extinct within the next quarter of a century.

    For every single tree we plant, we can make a difference by lowering the carbon dioxide levels in the planet’s atmosphere. This, in turn, slows the Greenhouse Effect and also provides us with enough fresh air to breathe.

    Our partner, OneTreePlanted, is a non-profit organization focused on global reforestation. They have planted millions of trees throughout Africa, Asia, North America, and South America through different collaborations and partnerships. In addition to planting trees, they also provide education to raise awareness of trees' importance and impact on our planet.